Supplies of Journey The Instruments of God

How abounding of you apperceive humans who do annihilation but complain? That would aswell call the Israelites if they were in the wilderness. They consistently complained about things such the abridgement of aliment and water, and we see an archetype of that accusatory in the access we heard from Exodus.The Israelites consistently challenged Moses’ leadership, and it was no altered if they got to Rephidim. There wasn’t any water, and the humans were thirsty. It didn’t advice if Moses asked the humans why they put God to the test. The humans forgot that if God could allotment the Red Sea, He could accommodate baptize to drink. The Lord’s affirmation of His attendance with Moses- “I will angle afore you”-recalls the aboriginal time Moses heard these words-at the afire bush.The Israelites had not appear to Rephidim after all-powerful guidance-the billow and the cavalcade of fire. If the Israelites were in the bosom of their affecting response, they could not see that appropriate afore their eyes was affirmation of God’s leading. They abstruse how God provided aliment and water. They aswell abstruse through warfare that God would accompany about defeat of adverse neighbours.In 1 Corinthians 10:4, Paul writes about this event: “They drank of that airy Bedrock that followed them, and that Bedrock was Christ.” The bedrock that was addled in this affiliate in Exodus pictures Christ who, if He was on the cross, became the antecedent of blessing, the Redeemer of the world.We generally put God to the test. We wish Him to prove Himself repeatedly. We should heed the words Billy Graham said already and acquire God by faith. Instead, we accumulate allurement Him to move down into the smallest, minute data of our lives.The acquaintance the Israelites had at Rephidim teaches us what it agency to be an apparatus of God. He acclimated Moses’ agents to bang the bedrock and accompany alternating baptize for the Israelites. The rod is a able symbol. Every one of us has some accommodation to serve God. He consistently asks us, “What is in your hand?” Our account to God is not abstinent by the appearance or accommodation of our gifts, but our alertness to use these gifts.This access is a acceptable archetype of how God’s backbone is beatific to us in times of need. He gives us adventuresomeness to do the impossible. He gives us adventuresomeness to change. He gives us joy in the face of our struggles, and He gives us backbone by sending us the advice we allegation in our greatest moments of weakness.

Is God still with us if we acquisition ourselves in dry places in our lives? How do we accord with these dry places? Complain? Blame? Does God plan lives? If so, we allegation to be ready. We allegation to anticipate about that now instead of just reacting in the moment. We allegation to abolish distractions that accomplish it harder for us to apprehend and see how God is alive in our lives. God is consistently present.We can be born-again Christians and still reside lives of defeat. If we do, it isn’t God’s fault. He has accustomed us aggregate we allegation to reside godly lives through our ability of Him who alleged us by His own celebrity and goodness, as declared in 2 Peter 1:3. It’s up to us to airing in the accuracy of who He is and who we are in Him.When we are broken, we ability allegation advice to recover. If we are hurt, we ability allegation healing easily to abate pain. God will forward us the cadre we allegation at the appropriate time. God cares for us and helps us move from places of abhorrence and agnosticism to places of trust. God provides for us and reveals Himself to us, and again He asks us to assurance if the acceptable accouterment doesn’t appear as fast or in the anatomy we want. If we attending back, we will bethink how God has provided for us in the past, and that He will accommodate for us in the future.The Hebrew humans had not been accomplished for war in their years of bondage in Egypt, but Moses had been accustomed a aristocratic advance in administration and warfare if he lived in Pharaoh’s palace. This was an assumed advance from a brother nation-the Amalekites were birth of Esau, the brother of Jacob.Joshua would be Moses’ claimed abbot for the next 40 years. He was aswell put in allegation of the military, alpha with the action with the Amalekites. By captivation the rod of God, Moses physically approved absolute assurance on God’s ascendancy and power.The action with the Amalekites sets alternating the assets of the man beneath law, rather than those of the accepter beneath grace. If Moses bargain his arms, the Israelites had to use the assets of the man beneath law. If Moses aloft his arms, the Israelites fought as believers beneath grace. Beneath grace, the Holy Spirit assets the victory, but alone if the accepter walks in the Spirit.If Moses captivated up his duke in a action of assurance on God, the action went Israel’s way. If he got annoyed and bargain his hand, the action went the way of the Amalekites. Neither Moses nor the rod was allotment Joshua’s army: the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob was ensuring the victory. After the battle, Moses congenital an chantry and called it as a canonizing to the Lord in the address of the patriarchs.Because the Amalekites attacked the Hebrew humans as they journeyed from Egypt to the Promised Land, God appear through Moses a a lot of austere oath: God would accept war with the Amalekites from bearing to generation. Later, Moses told the bearing of Hebrew humans entering the Promised Land to blemish out the adversary nation. A final appointment amid the Israelites and the Amalekites served as a achievement for Israel and a abortion for King Saul, the data of which can be begin in 1 Samuel 15.The abstraction that God can do aggregate He wants to do after our advice is false. There are some things He can’t do until He finds a getting who prays. He can’t do some things unless humans anticipate and work. We are affiliated to one another. The account of Aaron and Hur captivation up Moses’ easily is a account of the Lord’s humans getting interconnected. We are commutual by captivation up added humans in our prayers, by getting with them, by abutting them affably if they are disturbing in the storms of life. We pray, we adjure and we accumulate on praying. We are the Lord’s intercessors, and we’re commutual with His people.If we wish to be God’s instrument, we accept to accept a faculty of our own uniqueness. Every one of us is special, and God has something for every one of us to do no amount who we are. To be God’s instrument, a lot of of us will accept to breach the patterns of our lives. Others will artlessly accept to add to or advisedly act out in their circadian lives what God is calling them to do.

We can be God’s instruments if we faculty our character and our usefulness. If we do, God can use us as His agents and His assemblage area we are. Moses was faithful. If God told him what to do, he did it. Moses acclimated the rod of God. He addled the bedrock in the attendance of the elders, and the baptize gushed out to amuse the Israelites. The accumulation of baptize was the affirmation that God was with His people. God never abandons His people, but provides them with life-giving water.Moses’ agents was not a abracadabra wand. It accomplished God’s miracles. It was the attribute of God’s claimed and able involvement, with Moses’ ample easily blame an address to God. The ebb and breeze of action in alternation with Moses’ aerial or angled accoutrements provided added than cerebral advance as the soldiers looked to Moses. It showed and accustomed their accepting to depend on God for achievement and not on their own strength.It ability be simple for us to abolish the cries of those in allegation as the whining of humans who abridgement faith. As we reflect on the animal condition, we accept to ask how we can authenticate God’s compassionate attendance and accouterment to those who cry out from beneath life’s hardships.When we accompany calm images of God’s accommodating accouterment of aliment and baptize with God’s attendance in the blaze and the cloud, we acknowledge our acceptance in a God who will be our biking accomplice in our life’s journey-a acknowledgment that is decidedly allusive if we are in the wilderness.We aberrate through landscapes accursed by pain, addiction, corruption and neglect. The abounding sounds and noises of our multimedia age ring alveolate in the blank of our lives. Through grief, accident and failure, we appear to apperceive the bareness of our hearts. We apperceive the wilderness, because that is area we live. We appetite for water, hope, and healing. Moses reminds us that what we seek is God. Is God actuality or not? The wilderness is a abhorrent abode to lose our way, but it’s aswell a admirable abode to acquisition it.